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Eula & David Wintermann Library

Computers and the Internet

Free E-mail Accounts

Free, web-based e-mail accounts may be used on the computers with Internet access at the library. These accounts provide a convenient way for patrons to send and receive e-mail from any Internet computer in the library, as well as from any computer located elsewhere that has Internet access.

While library staff will not be able to assist patrons in using these e-mail accounts, setting up one should be fairly straightforward and each site will list instructions on how to create and use an account. The following list is just a sample of the various free e-mail sites available over the Internet:

Excite Mail
Lycos Mail
Yahoo Mail
Free Web-based Email Services

Introduction to the Internet

Invisible Web
A tutorial on how to find valuable information that cannot be found through standard search engines, e.g searchable databases.
Learn the Internet - AARP
An excellent site for beginners.

Learn the Net: An Internet Guide and Tutorial

An excellent site - in 5 languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, and English. Covers the basics and has a great interactive search engine tutorial using AltaVista.


Fuzzy logic, fatal error, domain name, firewall. Are you one of the plugged-in who know what these terms mean? This site is a dictionary of over 2,000 computer-related terms, with links to related articles and resources. Visitors may search Webopedia by keyword or category.


Basic tutorial for the Internet, including tutorials for using Web browsers, e-mail, video conferencing, chat rooms, mailing lists, Web page design, FTP, telnet, image, sound and movie files, newsgroups, Java, and CGI. Although designed for teachers and students, this site is useful for anyone who wants to learn how to use the Internet. Web Teacher also includes information on Internet safety, education related Web sites, and lesson plans. The site is a joint project of the National Cable Television Association and Tech Corp.

Online Safety

The Internet has proven to be a valuable resource for research, job hunting, and other intellectual and recreational pursuits. Since the Internet provides an interactive and open form of communicating, people need to be careful regarding the information they are sending out to others.

The following is a list of Internet safety guidelines for parents, teens and children:

Child Safety on the Information Highway (PDF file)
MSN - Cyber Safe City
Parental Control Choices
Parents' Guide to the Information Superhighway
Play It Cyber Safe
Rules for Online Safety (for Kids)
Teen Safety on the Information Highway (PDF file)

Tutorials and Assistance

Computer Virus Tutorial
A tutorial about computer viruses, how to avoid them, and how to detect and remove them.
New User Tutorial
An tutorial to help those who have never used a computer before. Learn how to use the mouse and a few other basic skills.

Website Development

Web Design Group

Great all-around information to help you design a Web site. Includes a Reference section on HTML, a glossary, advice on design elements such as graphics and colors, and links to tutorials, style guides, and validators. "The Web Design Group was founded to promote the creation of non-browser specific, non-resolution specific, creative and informative sites that are accessible to all users worldwide."

Web Developers Virtual Library: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Web Technology
The Web Developer's Virtual Library contains a collection of website development resources. They cover authoring, design, graphics, the Internet, and include beginner and intermediate guides and tutorials on HTML; DHTML; VRML; XML; Cascading Style Sheets; Web Programming & Scripting (Java JavaScript, CGI, Perl 5); Graphics (Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro 5); and UNIX and Databases for the Web.


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