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Eula & David Wintermann Library

Library History

February 9, 1975

Despite long delays caused by inclement weather and non-arrival of materials, the beautiful Eula and David Wintermann Library in Eagle Lake, Texas stood ready for the formal opening and dedication which was held February 9, 1975 from 3 to 5 pm on Sunday.

The facility is hailed as one of the most outstanding public library facilities in the area.  In May of 1973 it was announced that Mr. and Mrs. David R. Wintermann proposed to erect and furnish the new library building for use of all citizens of the community.  On August 20th, 1973, a contract was awarded by the Wintermanns to the Scholtz Construction Company of La Grange for erection of the building on the firms's bid price of $112,970.

Late in September of that year, Gulf Coast Oilfield Contracting Company of Eagle Lake, began work of demolishing the old service station building and the garage and warehouse building on the site at the corner of West Main and Walnut Street directly across from the Eagle Lake Community Center.  Heavy rains prevented the contractor from doing much work in the area until early in 1974.

In January, 1975, the Wintermanns accepted the building and work began on landscaping by Canaris Nursery and Garcen Center of Eagle lake and in furnishing the building with all new shelving, tables, desks and other equipment, all a gift of the Wintermanns.

Architect for the project was Arthur J. Willrodt of Columbus, Texas.  Other sub-contractors were Western Steel of Corpus Christi, masonry work by Mrs. Paul Medack of Giddings, book depository by Mosier Safe Company of Houston, acoustical ceiling by Acoustical Ceiling Systems of San Antonio, aluminum, glass and glazing by Columbus Glass Company, roofing and sheetmetal by Brenham Roofing, air conditioning by S. K. Seymour of Columbus,

After much time, it took a lot of doing to put it all together and now Eagle Lake, Texas has one of the finest library facilities available in the area.

History of Library in
Eagle Lake Goes
Back to 1909

Mrs. William Henry Harrison, Chairman of the Library Building Committee for the Eagle Lake Study Club during the construction phase of the Eula & David Wintermann Library in 1975 cites progress made over the years of Eagle Lake's library. Go SEE the history of our library dating back to 1909.

Entire community shows up for Grand Opening on February 9, 1975.  See photos of many of the dignitaries that participated in the festivities!

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