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Eula & David Wintermann Library

Supporting Your Library

How to get involved!

Study Club

The Eagle Lake Study Club was founded in 1919.  The purpose of the Study Club is to support the Eula & David Wintermann Library through fund raising, volunteering or whatever is needed for the programs.  Meetings for the Study Club are held on the second Wednesday every other month between September to May.  The programs are informative and sometimes include a book review, a program by our children's groups, or a fun trip.

Dues for the Study Club are $15.00.

The main event for the Study Club is the annual auction held in September of each year.  The funds raised at the auction are given to the library for the general operating expenses for the year.

If interest in joining, contact the library for further information.


A monetary donation can be given to the library in memory or in honor of someone.  When making a memorial donation, please send it to the library and include the name and address of the person to whom the acknowledgement should be sent. 

The monies received from memorial donations are used to purchase books for the library's collection.  Nameplates are not included in the books purchased but memorials are acknowledged by cards and in the local newspaper.

Wintermann Library Endowment Fund

A Wintermann Library Endowment Fund has been established through the Wintermann Foundation.  Contributions may be made to this endowment by sending it to the library and designating the Endowment Fund as the recipient.