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Eula & David Wintermann Library

Family Histories

Local libraries have always been the best source of information when doing research on family histories.  Putting the pieces together during your research endeavors comes much easier when others' research is made available to families tracing their roots.

We welcome all family historians that have a family history they would like to share with us for placing in our library website.

Brune Family History
Frels Family History
Hefner Family History
Stallman Family History
Struss Family History
Walling Family History
Stockbridge Family History

Genealogy Help and Guides

The following are some of the many guides about how to do genealogy research that are available on the Internet. has has a good introduction for beginners starting genealogy research
Jeffery Johnson gives Genealogy Instruction for Beginners, Teenagers, and Kids
Maura Petzolt's Helpful Hints for Successful Searching has a variety of good tips both for those starting and well into researching their ancestors.
A number of general and specific genealogy help and information files are available from the ROOTS-L Library, which is associated with the ROOTS-L mailing list. Some of the features of the collection include FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Files, lists of documents held by the Library of Congress that have state names in their titles, and archives of the ROOTS-L mailing list. An introduction to this archive is available.
DearMYRTLE's Daily Genealogy Column includes Genealogy Lessons for beginners and everyone includes a primer on how to begin genealogy research
Genealogy for WebTV Owners
Robert Bickham has a list of 26 tips to get you started with genealogy.
Phil Stringer's Getting Started in Genealogy and Family History is a good introduction to genealogy.
Genealogy for Beginners, some tips before you start.
"Treasure Maps", has an extensive collection of genealogy tutorials on topics such as Getting Started, Deciphering Old Handwriting and using the U.S. Federal Census.
The /pub/genealogy/text directory of the anonymous ftp site contains more guides and help.
The Journal of Online Genealogy is an excellent free e-zine which focuses on the use of online resources and techniques in genealogy and family history.
Genealogy On and Offline, with Naturalization Paper examples and Passenger lists on the internet has some tips for beginning genealogists
Headstone Hunter is a volunteer project to hunt for and take pictures of tombstones
Serendipity Mystical Discoveries in Genealogy accepts interesting stories of serendipitous discoveries.
Family Newsletter News, is a newsletter about family newsletters
Ben Buckner has list of surname frequency and distribution studies
Genealogy Privacy Organization - Guidelines to protect privacy of living people
Paper Roots is a weekly roundup of genealogy in the news
Chip Rowe's Things I Hate and Love About Genealogy discusses the pitfalls and great things about genealogy
The San Antonio Express-News has an online genealogy column
Mic Barnette publishes a weekly genealogy column in the Houston Chronicle.
Suite 101, a guide to the web, has a bi-weekly Genealogy Column.
Genealogical Web Sites Watchdog exposes web sites with misleading or inaccurate information.
A guide to English Versions of Foreign Given Names
Information about planning family reunions and a registry are at
For a bit of humor, read how you can Buy an Ancestor Online
Genealogy for Beginners
AncestorNews is a free E-mail genealogy newletter with news, information and tips.
Your Past Connections is a database of family documents and memorabilia that have been found at auctions, flea markets etc. discusses the pitfalls of online genealogy
Advice about respecting the privacy of living relatives when posting genealogy on the internet
Center for Life Stories Preservation has tips for writing family stories
Family Newsletter News